Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Korea, Genial!!!! 韓国、楽しかった

I'm going to write this entry in my bad English, so my friends from around here (well soon everyone is going to be around the world again in their home countries) can understand!!
First of all I want you to know that I'm going to do a new Blog because I need to learn Japanese as fast as I can, so this new blog is going to be in Japanese,


The new direction is: http://joseinjapanese.blogspot.com/ 

Well... after next Sunday 24, most of my friends in here are going to leave; to their own countries, or to live in an apartment!. This is going to be very lonely for a while, just like the 6 persons that came at the same time as I did.
I was thinking about the guy that came very exited on last April, and the guy that is writing this now… and I realized that I’m not the same, that this adventure, all the people that I met, all the people that I leave back home, change me in a very deep way. Now I look at things a lot more different (and is not because now I think in Japanese, because I still don’t ;( ), a little bit more realistic than before. Getting to know all the different cultures, and how different every body think, show me that I still need to grow a lot more, that I need to learn more about my self, and show me a lot of bad things about me.
I still miss my fiancé and my family so much that I want to go running back to Costa Rica and just stay with them for ever, but thanks to all the people in here and my friends in CR, I’ve gathered strength to first think and realize that I’m here to make my dream come true, to become a better person, and that this is going to make me happy all my live! I have make a lot of mistakes, and going to make a lot more in my way, but now I feel more comfortable to face them and continue to my final goal, to finally be (in the same country) with the girl I love so much (according to Desy, my Beyoncé, jaja), and to do something that is going to help other people; give my share to the world. That’s why I’m so exited to do my research and to finish my period in Japan!
I’m going to miss all the people that are going back. But well this is live, things chance very fast. So the only thing I have to say to all of you is: THANKS FOR HELPING ME AND MAKE ME FEEL LIKE HOME!! Hope to be in contact with every one of you!

This Korea trip was to spend time with some very good friends here in Japan Hatim, Eu, Miran and Unjon and of course get to know a little bit of this, still mysterious to me, country. The trip was awesome!!! We got to know a lot of places in little time, and eat A LOT OF FOOD!!!!! Wow, that food is soooooooooooo good!!!!!!! Oh my god!! And I’m not a good for spicy food! The people are so different from Japan, and the girls are very pretty!! Korea is definitely a must go place.

Here we are in the airplane to Korea!

In the Korea airport!

This is the airport from outside!!! is really amazing, looks like a spaceship!!! is really cool!

This is the travel group! on our way to the "Hotel"

We went to a city call Suwon... Miran's sister took us to a cheap "Hotel" ... but mmm... this is the first impresion of the hotel street!... looks familiar jejeje...

In here we still think this is a normal hotel... but...


but... looks cozy thou!... but...

jejeje... but....

... It's a very nice Love Hotel (En tico, un love hotel es un motel donde la gente va a lo que va, pero aquí en japón son my baratos!)!!!!!
jajajajaja!!!!... and guess what I had to sleep with Hatim!!!! Damn!!! what a waste of room!!

Belive it or not is just 20000 Wons the night, thats like 20$ the night, and we have everything, like cable TV, big bath tub, a big room... So yes it is a big waste of room!!! :(

This is the view from the window

So at 2am or something kike that, we went to find something to eat...

Yeah a lot of 焼肉(yakiniku [grill meat]) restaurants... IS SO GREAT!

We were really tired, but hungry!

For the people that don't know how to eat Korean food, well this picture show it very well. First you have to cook the meat in the grill that is on the table, after that you put the rice, and the other stuff in a lettuce, and eat like a "gallito"!

So I liked this model!!!! and took a picture with her. All of you have to know that I wasn't drunk... thats just me... really weird! But the picture is cool!

After dinner, we spot this really cool game, so we went to play!

Again in the love hotel!... what a waste... :(

Next morning we went to look for the police office, because Hatim lost his passport and some credit cards, so we have to go a tell the police... at the end it was on the airport!! so lucky!!

So we went to have brunch!... 冷麺 (reimen [cold noodles]) it was awsome!

After we found out of Hatims passport, we went to an old Korean style village...

In Korea they love spicy food, so of course they love Chiles!!

This village was huge!! and gives you a pretty good idea of the way this people lived back in the old days!

A great shot of a 蝶(chou [buterfly] )

Living like this must have been really cool!! Is a lot of nature!!

Yeap... Is so peacefull!!

I would probably enjoy living in the old days

This is like a theather.. or something like that...

off course I had to go in and do ugly!!

Well this show was really cool!!! they have this ribbon in the helmet, then they move the head and it just look good!! After that they give this awsome jumps, it was great!!...

This was a Korean style marriage... it was boring, more boring than the ones from the other side of the world! but the thing was that we where really tired by this time, so may be that has something to do...

A really good memory of Miran!! Thank you Miran for the tour in Korea!!

Well.. that is a old days torture!!! and yes they hit the butts!!!... so off course I have to try!.... mmmm--- that didn´t sound good... :)

A really cool room!! The writing in the wall is all Kanjis, because in the old days Korea didn´t have the new method of writing.

Nice picture of Eu and Miran

Hatim and me trying not to fall...

And of course we had to try the head stand!!

Eu and Miran!

A nice picture of the river in the park!

Waiting for the bus to Seoul after a long, long, long day!!

See!!! it was a really long, long day!!!

And we get in a car jam!! (not sure if this well writing) of a lot of Hyundays and KIAs... for the Costa Rican... does it remind you something???

We made it to Seoul!!!!