Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Well... Can't sleep, and bored of reading papers...

Don't really know why, but for 3 days already I don't sleep very well... Im really sleepy at 10.30am to 5pm... then it just go away. Since 2 weeks ago, leaving the lab at 11.30pm to 1 am.. and waking up at 8 or 9am everyday; except of course on Saturday... that I woke up at 1pm!! :S... Well, as you can notice, this affects my english, jeje!

I have a lot in my head on this days. I'm starting to see my life at differents angles now, and making priorities... I guess this is because of my inminent birthday next week!!! 26... ufff man, 26 years old... nothing, but a lot... How can we tell how much we have done until now?, and if it is worthed or not?. I see people that are 40 or 50, and they say the lost they life, but have the best famillies and loving relationships in the world (not wealthy, but not poor at all in the economical factor, but fine). Others (that I have met recently) in the same ages, have a lot of titles a lot of achivements (economically speaking), but they said they have lost their life because they are missing the love, the health and the familly part. AND UP TO NOW HAVEN'T MET ANY ONE THAT HAVES BOTH!!! Why??... Well that's something to think about, what the hell do I want?, and how to get both?, mmm... well please if any one knows please tell me or advice me!

I guess this is life, but mmm... What I see that people do, (even I do it some times) is to take for granted the present, and insted thinking of what the others have, or what we want to have in the future, and then don't enjoy or take care of what we do have! I'm relative happy with my life right now, I may say I have almost all I have wish until now. But some times because of thinking in the future, I have starting to take for granted a lot of things in my life... and although I care, I don't pay attention to those things, and, as it has happen before, things just can go to the garbage in no time.

Well... just mumbling around to get sleepy, I guess... jeje.. But like every year, for me birthdays are not a good day, it just remains me that I have less time, and may be not doing what I want... but how to tell?... how to know?... how to make a decission?... At least I'm happy and smiling, when that stop, automatically will stop to do what Im doing... and change to do what makes me happy then... until now thats the best way for me to stay in peace with everything... TO FLOW... JUST FLOW... Doing what the heart tells me... (of course sometimes I think too much things...)

The pics are different things I have done since Last year and haven't posted!!

Last years Latin party!... and of course me doing ugly!!!

Part of the Last Year Party Team!!! uff it was nice!!!

Why are we posing!!?? mmm... theres no case on doing it!!! jaja... at least not for me! :D

Old times... mmm.. I MISS MY HAIR!!!!

Japan in Sakura time... Spring!

Me and Felipe discussin a difficult matter... don't remeber what...

My Japan Sister!!... but she is not japanese!!!

Nice Pic!!
My companion in hard times... but just 1 or 2... suuuuuuureeeee!!!!

But WHYYY it finish sooo quickly???!! and then we have to pay for more!!... with what money???

This pic is amazing!!! jaja really looks like Im wasted... I was, but not to that point!! jijiji....

Thinkin about life...

Trying to be cool... no way we can do it!
The Nora's advisor Team in Ginza... looking for Nora Computer... and the Pic taken by her new camera!!!
Jeje... with Nora in Tokyo!!

Doing ugly... is something I already master!!!

There is a really funny comment of this pic in my Hi5.. jeje It really looks like some one is going to puke at us!! jeje...

I love this pic... well the effect... jaja

See.. Hansome!!! Ufff Amazing!!! jaja

Me picking my Nose...

Now is Javis time to pick the nose...
and please Guess which computer did Nora get???
This was last year... Nov, or Dic. Don't remember, but it was in a Tai Festival held at Odaiba... It was Very Nice!!

Nice shot of me enjoying TAI FOOD!! is Awesome!! With Felipe, Boom, and Kaho!

A Dog... jejeje...

With the Tai models...

I love this place!!
With My Sis again!!

Ahhh... This was in Suwons room last year!!!... I miss my HAIR!!!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Un cumpleaños por ahi...

jeje I start writing in spanish!! and had to erase everything... ohh well here I go again. So, celebrating a friend's birthday is always fun! and this wasn't the exception. At first we planned to go to a Brazilian restaurant in Tokyo, that is all you can eat of meat! UFFFF!!! Amazing, but it was to expensive, so a lot of people didn't want to go. So Outback it was. It was a lot of fun, and AAAA LLLOOTTT of PEOPLE TOO... jeje... but well as some people say the more the merrier.
In fact I met a lot of people that day that where friends of friends. Well after eating, the japanese wanted us out of the place, tooo noise for japan, I guess... jijiji. So of course neither of us was drunk yet, so no home still.
We decide to buy some beers and go to the beach! VERY, VERY NICE!!!... of course, is nothing like Costa Rican Beaches, but still sea and waves and beach smell... Daniel brought fireworks, and we stay there for a long time. Then Jon thought of the idea of making a fireplace... then of course I join in the idea, and went to look for wood... and there was no wood around!!! amazing!!!
But, is that this people clean the beach every day, and puts the garbage (including the wood) in one place, and we found it!! jjeje... and I don't know how Jon found gasoline!! jaja... really, really like a dream! well then we made the fire. And stay there talking about every thing and nothing until like 3am... very nice. This are the moments that make the stay in Japan more bearable... Well see the pics, and will find out what I mean... jeje.

This is one half of one of the table... and yeap, even a child came! jeje.

HongJoo and Daniel

Emily... drinking hard!!

The other half!! Good pose of Felipe!!
Comiendo las famosas costillas... son de lo mejor, de lo mejor!!!

La otra mesa!

El otro lado de la otra mesa....

Oliva, Jon and Thea

Me and one of sisters here in Japan!!

A panoramic view

Is Javi drunk... mmm.??? guess for your self...

This is like a comercial pic.... very good!

As always Fran hughing a girl...
Loai doing his Magic.... SUUUUUREEEE!!!

Amazing present from everyone!!

My 2 sisters...

But of course me doing as ugly as I can... and Daniel helping!!

Jajaja... Javi is not drunk!! and Antonios face jaja...

The brazilian team!

At the Beach!!! uff... is so good!! Summer started now!! UFFF!!!

Famous girl, she was leaving...

Those things in the sand are shells... not garbage....

jaja, what the hell is Suwon doing??

Nice group pic

Fran Olivia and a french guy!

Amazing PIC!!

We did it JON!!!... Noran, loai, and the french guy enjoying...

I love this pic, who the hell took it?? Thea, Noran and me.